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  • Sustained Recording and Playback

    The StreamStor® Amazon Express storage controller provides recording and playback capability at more than 600 MB/s. Support is provided for up to 16 SATA disk drives for a maximum total capacity of 16 terabytes (using 1 TB disk drives). With the appropriate disk drives, the Amazon Express controller can provide more than seven hours of recording or playback capability at 600 MB/s.

    Using direct card-to-card transfers over the PCI Express bus or direct data input from available external digital interfaces, the Amazon Express provides reliable and sustained recording or playback without the threat of host software or OS bottlenecks. With an on-board PowerPC processor, real-time operating system, and StreamStor® data engine, the Amazon Express operates independently of the host to provide guaranteed performance without interruption.

    The Amazon Express has been specifically designed to support high-speed data streaming applications such as:

    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    • High speed data acquisition
    • Radar and sonar
    • Medical imaging
    • Satellite download
    • High resolution video
    • Waveform generation

    The Amazon Express is a full-size PCI Express card that can be installed in nearly any standard PC with open PCI Express slots. The controller also supports advanced StreamStor® functionality including circular recording (wrap mode) and direct recording from PCI, PCI-X, and PCI Express sources.

    Available Mezzanine Interface Boards

    FPDP I & II
    LVDS 16/32
    Serial FPDP
    Serial FPDP (optical)
    Camera Link
    Camera Link


    The StreamStor® SDK provides drivers and a complete programming library for Windows or Linux operating systems. A recording application and many example programs are included. Advanced features such as circular buffer, partitioning, multi-channel, etc. are available through functions in the StreamStor® software library. Contact your Conduant sales representative for more information on other available features and software.

    Storage Media

    The Amazon Express supports nearly any SATA disk drive on the market. This includes notebook disk drives (2.5″), desktop disk drives (3.5″), rugged hard drives, and solid-state (flash) drives. Amazon Express is also available in system configurations ranging from portables to large rack-mount systems capable of housing multiple recorders. Contact your sales representative for more information.