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Custom Solutions

Conduant Corp. offers custom engineering services based on our proven StreamStor® technology. The StreamStor® platform provides an independent platform with programmable logic and deep buffering hardware, resulting in a flexible base upon which to build custom recording solutions for virtually any application. Our custom development process reduces risk, accelerates time to market, and has earned Conduant high marks for customer satisfaction.

DSC01568 ChassisExternal2 ni_stack RuggedExample

Custom solutions can involve packaging, new interfaces, unique data-flows or other requirements. Packaging solutions might include enhancements or new chassis designs to minimize size, increase ruggedness, eliminate EMI or meet other special needs for environmental or operational requirements. Digital interfaces to match available input/output interfaces on existing equipment can be developed, leveraging the architecture of StreamStor® for fast delivery and lower development costs. The programmable logic and embedded firmware in StreamStor® also provide a flexible base to deliver new features.

At Conduant, our focus is on customer satisfaction, and this commitment continues after the completion of a project.

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