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Digital Recording Products for Crucial Data

Conduant Corporation designs and manufactures real-time, long-duration digital recording and playback systems. In environments where large volumes of high-speed data are generated (e.g. radio astronomy, video imaging, radar, electronic surveillance), Conduant’s StreamStor® products excel at error-free recording and playback. Unlike general purpose data storage products, Conduant’s products ensure reliable, guaranteed, sustained performance—unparalleled in the industry. Conduant products record data directly from a third party source utilizing the peer-to-peer capabilities of PCI Express to bypass the bottlenecks inherent in traditional recording systems. StreamStor® controllers also feature a high speed FPGA to reliably move data from external IO interfaces such as multi-lane fiber optics to and from the storage media.

Founded in 1996 as Boulder Instruments, Conduant has quickly become a leader in ultra-fast, long-duration digital recording and playback systems. Our systems are designed for scientific research, military, and instrumentation applications. Conduant has a growing array of off-the-shelf solutions to meet the most demanding of data recording needs. These products include rack mount systems, PCI Express cabled systems, and circuit board solutions (PCIe, PXIe). We also offer custom design and engineering services to push performance for clients with extreme environment condition requirements such as temperature, shock, and vibration.

Product Series

Conduant Corporation supplies recorders which support PCI Express peer-to-peer technology. These recorders can provide direct interfaces for various data transfer protocols including Interlaken, ODI (Optical Data Interface), Serial FPDP, Aurora, 10 GigE, FPDP, and LVDS. Traditional RAID disk arrays and PXIe storage sub-systems are also available. Some of our products include:

  • the Cobra data recorder, with modular storage and performance in a 4U chassis with high speed fiber interfaces.
  • the DM (Disk Module) series, which provides a wide variety of PXIe-compatible storage options including our latest M.2 single slot (4HP) module.

Our Team

Ken Owens, co-founder and CEOKenneth R. Owens is co-founder and CEO of Conduant Corp. Prior to forming Conduant, Ken spent 20 years developing hardware and software architectures at data storage companies including StorageTek and Maxtor. Ken holds two U.S. patents that apply to the design of disk storage systems. He studied mechanical engineering at the University of Colorado. In his free time, Ken plays soccer and enjoys sailing, skiing and mountain biking.



Phil Brunelle, co-founder and CTOPhilip E. Brunelle is co-founder and CTO of Conduant Corp. He has 30 years of experience in data storage engineering, including product development for StorageTek, MiniScribe/Maxtor, and Harris Corp. Phil holds three U.S. patents relating to improving the performance of disk drives and systems. He earned his BSEE at Rochester Institute of Technology. An amateur pilot, Phil loves to travel, especially to places where he can scuba dive.