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StreamStor® Cobra

High Speed Recorder

160 Gbps. Modular Architecture.
Scalable SSD Storage.

DM-4M.2 Storage Unit

Up to 15.2 TB in a single slot. Speeds up to 7.1 GB/s.

HSS-8324 Optical FPGA

Leading-edge transfer technology.

New! DM-U.2 Storage Unit

Convenient removable storage.

Technology Collaboration

Breaking Barriers in High Speed Data Recording and Playback

Technology developed for the test and measurement industry has wide applications, including 5G communications, military/aerospace systems, high-speed data acquisition, and communication research.

Custom Engineering Services

Conduant's custom development process reduces risk, expedites arrival to market, and has earned us high marks in customer satisfaction. Built on our proven StreamStor® technology, we provide an independent platform with programmable logic and deep buffering hardware, resulting in a flexible base upon which to build custom recording solutions.

Our solutions can include packaging, new interfaces, unique data-flows, or other specialized requirements.