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  • The Big Riverâ„¢ DM-4M.2-3U PXI Express storage unit provides up to 15.2 TB of NVME SSD storage in a single PXI Express slot. The DM-4M.2 has a PCI Express Gen3 x8 host interface (up to 8GB/s). With the latest NVME SSD storage, the board delivers high speed data rates for sequential writes of 7.1 GB/s and for sequential reads of 7.1 GB/s in Gen3 PXI Express based systems.

    The single slot design of the DM-4M.2 increases the availability of valuable chassis slots when compared to other solutions and allows for maximum storage flexibility. The DM-4M.2 complies with PCIe Gen3 protocol standards and uses industry standard NVME SSD storage devices. The DM-4M.2 operates under Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, and can utilize the software RAID feature of Windows to combine up to 4 devices on the board into a single addressable device.

  • The Big River® DM-X25-3U storage units provide disk storage resources to PXIe based systems. By providing an internal enclosure for disk storage, the DM-X25-3U allows high speed storage applications to be designed around a standard configuration. With capacities of up to 30TB in a single unit (24TB if SSD storage is desired), the DM-X25-3U can provide abundant storage in a small enclosure.

    The DM-X25-3U integrates with the operating system to provide additional storage capacity in a JBOD or software RAID configuration. It is designed for use in a PXIe 3U chassis with 4 or 6 drives.