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DM-8M-3U mSATA Storage Unit

  • Capacity up to 8 TB (up to 8 mSATA modules)
  • Onboard PCI Express SATA controller
  • Compatible with major operating systems
  • Requires only 1 open slot (4HP)
  • Software RAID capable
  • Combine multiple units for additional storage capacity

The Big River® DM-8M-3U mSATA storage unit provides disk storage resources to PXI Express based systems. By providing an internal enclosure for solid state storage, the DM-8M-3U allows high speed storage applications to be designed around a standard PXIe chassis. With capacities of up to 8TB in a single slot, the DM-8M-3U can provide abundant storage in a very small enclosure.

The DM-8M-3U integrates with the operating system to provide additional storage capacity within a software RAID configuration.

The DM-8M-3U is designed for use in a single PXIe slot in a 3U chassis.