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Serial FPDP Recording

The Serial FPDP standard provides a point-to-point serial link using fiber optics that is ideal for the simple movement of data from a real-time source to data storage devices such as Conduant’s StreamStor recording products.  Data rates of over 400 MB/s per channel can be sustained to/from disk storage for applications such as radar, video, or other high data rate real-time applications.  Developing FPGA code to implement Serial FPDP is straight-forward with Conduant and other sources providing core implementations that can be incorporated into a customers existing code base.  With the emergence of high speed serializer/deserializer hardware in FPGA’s from both major suppliers (Altera and Zilinx), incorporating a high speed optical data link has never been easier.  Serial FPDP evolved from a simple parallel clocked “front panel” interface to today’s high speed serial link but still maintains the original goal of providing a simple to implement, low overhead, point to point data transfer connection.

Conduant StreamStor recorders feature a mezzanine (daughter board) that can implement up to 4 channels of Serial FPDP (or other protocols) form real-time recording of Serial FPDP data streams.  The board can support data rates of up to 4.125 Gbps with an effective data rate of over 400 MB/s.  Conduant also offers a 12 channel optical board that utilizes the Snap12 optical receivers/transmitters and MPO connectors to provide a solution for higher performance applications.  This board can be used to implement custom algorithms and record / playback applications.

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