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StreamStor® SFPDP Mezzanine Board

  • Provides 4 optical fiber interface ports
  • 850nm and 1300nm wavelength options for distances to 25km
  • Data rates from 1.06-2.5 Gbps on each port
  • Implements ANSI / VITA 17.1-2003 Serial FPDP standard protocol
  • Supports independent multi-port recording
  • Supports independent multi-port playback
  • Direct data interface to StreamStor® recorders
  • Field upgradable/customizable hardware

The StreamStor® SFPDP mezzanine board can be used with compatible StreamStor® controllers to provide direct data input from Serial FPDP (Serial Front Panel Data Port) or other optical data protocols. When combined with a StreamStor® controller such as Amazon, this interface can provide data input performance of up to 500 MB/s.

With its four independent optical ports, the SFPDP mezzanine board can support recording of up to four incoming data streams. The board can be ordered with support for data rates from 1.06 to 2.5 Gbps and wavelengths of 850nm or 1300nm to support cable lengths of up to 25km. The board uses industry standard LC optical connector style for easy connection to compatible data sources.

Standard support is provided for the Serial FPDP protocol (ANSI/VITA 17.1-2003), which is a highly specialized protocol optimized for maximum data rates and minimum overhead. With all packet formation and management performed by the hardware, there is no latency or other delays to affect data transmission performance. Combined with StreamStor® storage controllers, this data interface provides a reliable and sustainable high speed data recording and playback solution. Other protocols can be supported with updates to the on-board Altera Stratix FPGA hardware. The flexibility of programmable logic makes it possible to customize the hardware to each unique application.

Serial FPDP

The serial FPDP protocol is defined by the ANSI / VITA 17.1-2003 standard. The standard is available for a small fee online at Conduant Corporation also provides hardware source code to customers who wish to implement Serial FPDP on their own FPGA-based circuit boards. Please contact your Conduant sales representative for more details.


SFPDP-4240 (4 port, 850nm, 2.5 Gb) ……………….. PN 400300040
SFPDP-4100 (4 port, 850nm, 1.06 Gb) ………………. PN 400300041
SFPDP-2240 (2 port, 850nm, 2.5 Gb) ……………….. PN 400300035


Interface specification

ANSI / VITA 17.1-2003

Number of ports

2 or 4

Port speed

1.06 to 2.5 Gbps

Optical wavelength

850nm or 1300nm

Cable length

100m (850nm) / 25km (1300nm)

Optical connector


Maximum data rate per port

247 MB/s per port using a 2.5 Gbps SFPDP link
100 MB/s per port using a 1.06 Gbps SFPDP link

Warranty & Support

Conduant hardware products are backed by a limited one-year warranty. All software includes a 90 day warranty. Maintenance and priority support are available on a yearly subscription basis. Please contact your Conduant sales representative for more details.

Customer support is provided through a comprehensive web portal at Private logins and trouble ticket management are provided along with technical downloads, knowledge base, and other support tools.