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HSS-8324-DSP PXI Express High Speed Optical FPGA Board

  • AMD (Xilinx) XCKU115 FPGA with 5520 DSP slices
  • PXI Express single slot compatible
  • PXI instrument backplane signals (triggers, clocks, etc.)
  • 8-lane PCI Express Gen 3.0 (max 8 GBps) backplane interface
  • 24 High-Speed Serial (HSS) lanes (48 fibers or 24 copper differential pairs), up to 16.3 Gbps line rates:
    • Dual 12-lane, 850 nm MPO/MTP optical ports (24 lanes total)
    • Four QSFP ports (16 lanes total)
  • 2 banks of 4GiB DDR3 SDRAM (8GiB total)
  • 8 MiB QDR II+ SRAM
  • Clock generation with integer and fractional divide
  • Xilinx eFUSE or battery-backed 256-bit AES bitstream encryption
  • UART interface (3 wire, RS-232 compatible)
  • 4 faceplate-accessible user-configurable MMCX connectors for triggers or clocks
  • 2 faceplate visible user programmable LEDs
  • 8 internal user programmable LEDs
  • 1 Gib configuration flash
  • Power and FPGA configuration status LEDs
  • JTAG interface for flash and FPGA access
  • Xilinx power/temperature system monitor

The Conduant HSS-8324 FPGA board provides a user programmable hardware platform that is able to sustain full-duplex high-bandwidth transfers through its 8-lane Gen3 PXI Express (PXIe) interface and its two 12-lane HSS interfaces while performing complex calculations. The PXIe interface provides a theoretical maximum throughput of 8 GBps (simultaneous in and out) while each HSS port (12 lanes up to 16 Gbps per lane) supports a full duplex transfer at theoretical rates over 190 Gbps.

The board includes both 8 GiB of high-speed DDR3 SDRAM and 8 MiB of QDR II+ SRAM. At the center of the design is an AMD (Xilinx) Kintex Ultrascale FPGA which interconnects all ports and other devices while supplying additional resources within the FPGA. This particular FPGA contains a high count of DSP elements which uniquely suits this board for signal processing.

With up to 24 HSS lanes and 4 MMCX coaxial connections available, the board can be used for numerous applications that require high speed data connectivity with advanced DSP functionality. Note that each HSS lane can operate independently or in a bonded configuration if supported by the protocol being used. Popular HSS protocols that can be implemented include but are not restricted to Aurora, Interlaken, Serial FPDP, and ODI (Optical Data Interface) with optical or copper connectivity.

At power-on, the FPGA is quickly configured with the user program by the SPI x4 serial flash memory device. This provides the fast wake-up required for PCI Express. The user content can be encrypted with a key that is programmed in the FPGA in non-volatile EFUSEs or can be preserved in volatile memory so long as the on-board battery is not removed. This feature makes this product particularly attractive for applications in which protecting the FPGA intellectual property from cloning or reverse engineering is important.

To improve clocking flexibility, the board includes a Skyworks Si5341B part that supports both integer and fractional divides. While the provided VHDL project uses the internal I2C bus to initialize these clocks at power-up for the self test function, the user can access the I2C bus if different frequencies are needed.

Other models of Kintex or Virtex Ultrascale FPGAs may be available.


Form Factor

PXI Express single or double slot (depending on HSS connector option)

High Speed Serial (HSS)

24 lanes with line rates up to 16.3 Gbps each

HSS Connection Options

Dual MTP/MPO 12 lane/24 fiber connectors using Samtec Firefly modules (1 PXIe slot)
4x QSFP ports, user provided or specified modules (2 PXIe slots)

Additional External Connectors

4x MMCX for clock, trigger, or other signal IO


6.1875" (D) x 0.787" (W) x 5.0" (H)


< 1lb (0.5kg)


8 GiB DDR3 SDRAM 2x512Mx64b @ 932 MHz


8 MiB QDR II+ Extreme SRAM 4Mx18b @ 632 MHz

Clock Generation

Skyworks clock generator with integer and fractional divide


Typical 35W (Power will vary depending on user programming and clock speeds)

Available Xilinx FPGA Options

Kintex Ultrascale XCKU115

System Logic Cells 1,451,100
CLB Flip Flops 1,326,720
CLB LUTs 663,660
Distributed RAM 18.3 Mb
Block RAM 76.9 Mb
DSP Slices 5,250

Kintex Ultrascale XCKU085

System Logic Cells 1,088,325
CLB Flip Flops 995,040
CLB LUTs 497,520
Distributed RAM 13.4 Mb
Block RAM 56.9 Mb
DSP Slices 4,100

Warranty & Support

Conduant hardware products are backed by a limited one-year warranty. All software includes a 90 day warranty. Maintenance and priority support are available on a yearly subscription basis. Please contact your Conduant sales representative for more details.

Customer support is provided through a comprehensive web portal at Private logins and trouble ticket management are provided along with technical downloads, knowledge base, and other support tools.