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High speed digitizer real-time storage

In a recently published newsletter, SP Devices showed off their ADQ14 PXI Express digitizer and new pulse detection firmware.  This digitizer has up to 4 channels and 14 bits of resolution and can run up to 2 GSPS.  With the right software, you can record the digitized pulse data in real-time from the digitizer at up to 3 GB/s to the Conduant DM-8M SSD storage module. Here is a photo of a 16 channel system with the DM-8M installed in the slot just to the right of the system controller.


The DM-8M is a single slot PXI Express board with up to 8 mSATA SSD devices installed.  The 8 mSATA devices can be used in a software RAID configured by the OS or as individual drives.  Total storage capacities up to 8TB are available.  The board provides exceptional performance in a small footprint and provides long duration capture capabilities to PXI Express digitizing solutions.

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