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Conduant Delivers the Fastest Data Recording Technology in the Industry

Featuring data streaming performance of over 17 GB/s, Conduant’s Cobra ODI (Optical Data Interface) High Speed Recorder is a unique solution for high speed data recording and playback. Conduant Corporation, a market leader in long-duration high-speed recording and playback systems has announced their StreamStor® Cobra ODI High Speed Recorder which guarantees sustained data streaming and high speed recording capabilities at speeds up to 17 Gigabytes per second (136Gb/s) with zero data loss, the fastest data recording technology in the industry.

The Cobra ODI High Speed Recorder is the latest in a series of Conduant’s StreamStor® PCI Express recording and playback devices for recording and digital data. Conduant’s Founder and CEO Ken Owens stated “We are extremely excited about this next generation product because it is a huge step forward for our customers that are looking to record real time data for applications including radar and sonar data collection, radio frequency data collection, electronic surveillance, instrumentation data, high speed video data, as well as in other environments where the need to record real time data is critical.”

Cobra’s main recording engine is a PXI Express board with high speed RAM and a high performance Xilinx FPGA – Field Programmable Gate Array – which manages the movement of data to and from storage devices and also provides optical fiber channels for high speed data input or output. The system utilizes the PXI Express system architecture to provide a modular, flexible solution that can be customized to nearly any requirement.

Other key features include independent operation from host computers and a cabled option which provides a 64 Gbps link that can be optionally extended to support long distance links. The standard storage devices are M.2 NVME PCI Express Solid State Drives. Up to 4 devices can be installed per PXI Express slot with up to 8 terabytes per device.

CEO Ken Owens stated that “No other data recorder can record data at this kind of sustained speed with zero data loss. Many of our customers also ask for encryption features to ensure their recorded data remains safe and secure.” Cobra ODI data recorder utilizes the PXI Express system architecture and can be customized for virtually any environment – lab, portable, or field.

Pricing and Availability

Contact Conduant for product pricing and terms. 30 day lead time is required for product orders.

About Conduant

Conduant Corporation, founded in 1996, develops the StreamStor® family of PCI Express disk controllers for high-speed recording and playback of digital data. Solutions are available in Windows and Linux environments and are used in telecommunications, scientific research, military, aerospace and Instrumentation applications. In addition, Conduant designs high performance optical Field Programmable Gate Array boards for high speed data connectivity, and PCI Express and PXI Express data storage modules and subsystems. Conduant is located in Longmont, Colorado. For more information, call (303) 485-2721 or visit

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