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How fast is 1 Gbyte per second?

In our digital world the amount of data acquired and stored is growing at an incredible rate. Here are some fun facts to help visualize how fast one gigabyte per second is when moving some well known data sets.

1. One copy of the Encyclopedia Britannica (2619 pages per copy) is about one (1) Gigabyte of data

The entire Encyclopedia Britannica in 1 second!

2. The Library of Congress (~20 million books, not counting pictures) is about 20 Terabytes (1000 Gigabytes)

The entire Library of Congress in less than 6 hours!

3. A video (DVD) about 4.7 Gbytes

An entire movie in less than 5 seconds!

4. A copy of your favorite mystery novel is around 1 Megabyte

A mystery novel in one thousandth (.001) of a second!

5. One hour of music is about 535 Megabytes

One hour of music in about half a second!

6. Twenty four hours of music is about 12.54 Gigabytes

24 hours of music in 12 seconds!

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